Gents Rings – A Timeless Piece of Jewelry

4 Dec

In our modern world both men and women like to wear exquisite jewelry. It is regarded that trends in men’s jewelry, especially rings, have now become a large aspect of male style while 9K YELLOW GOLD FILLED CHARM CHAIN BRACELET BANGLE. Initially, men chose to wear rings to demonstrate their status and wealth within society. With growing demand, gents rings are now becoming very popular. The choice of men’s rings range from the ultra high-end precious stones to the less expensive costume variety. The high-end rings are made using precious metals like gold, titanium, platinum, white gold and silver. These may also be designed with gemstones or engraved with personalized writing to make the piece more individual.

Over the years, the style and design used in the making of gents rings has shown significant progress. There are rings perfect for several occasions such as weddings, engagements, anniversaries etc.

Men’s Ring Collection:

Nowadays an array of gents rings exist in the market. The pricey gemstone rings usually make a bold statement with a thick band. These rings are carved using stones like onyx or cat’s eye that have a masculine look. In addition, rare star rubies and sapphires with a convex cut are often chosen. On the other hand, gold rings often come plain or feature intricate designs. At times semi-precious stones are also used within the band. Other types include rings with a laser or matte finish, unique silver rings, and white gold rings with a yellow gold border. The gold border is provided to give a distinct detail to the ring.

New types of metals are also being used to make fashionable rings, the most popular being titanium and tungsten as these are considered to be particularly durable metals. Titanium bands are widely preferred due to their inert nature. Such rings are rust free and do not cause any allergic reactions when exposed to air or when in contact with the skin. Furthermore, these are lightweight and can be made to look striking by adding different gemstones.

Manufactures have also introduced men’s rings made of inexpensive materials. The basic aim of such collections is to enable men to buy affordable and stylish rings, suitable for any occasion or mood. These low-priced rings feature faux diamonds or gemstones commonly known as cubic zirconia. The outstanding feature of such rings is that no expert can genuinely judge the quality of the gems. It can be checked only with the use of advanced innovative gemology equipments then cheap discount jewelry. Other economical materials used are semi-precious metals and brass. The metals are plated or layered with 14K, 18K, 24K gold or sterling silver.


Nebra Sky Sisc – Bronze Age Jewelry is More Sought After Than Ever

4 Dec

Are you interested in bronze age jewelry? If you are, then you need to know about the Nebra Sky Sisc, which is a bronze age find that happened in Germany in 1999.

The meaning of this find is a bit controversial because there are a couple of different theories as to what it all represents owing to costume jewelry.

This is a subject that you will have to take time for yourself to do some research on. It is a very interesting subject, but would take way too long to explain here.

So, definitely find time whenever possible to look up this subject online to learn more for yourself because you will definitely enjoy learning about it. Also, to get a head start on finding exactly what you like, take time to look up bronze jewelry.

Now, the sky disc was not excavated by archaeological experts on site, but was instead found by two treasure seekers on July 4, 1999. Many think that the disk could have been a shield of some type because It was found with other bronze objects such as swords.

There was a question of whether the Nebra Sky Sisc was a forgery or not because the two treasure seekers that found it didn’t turn it over to the government, they instead tried to sell it on the black market. They were caught, tried and convicted for this, but this lead to this object being clarified as authentic.

In February 2002, an analysis was done by the Institute for Archeometry at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg to clarify whether it was real or not. It was determined that it is authentic because it is made from a bronze alloy that is not produced these days, but was in the past. With a little more research you can easily learn more about this subject.

Now that you know a little more about this object, you need to know that these days, maybe because of the find of this object; bronze jewelry is definitely becoming more popular all over the world. The internet is the best resource for finding what you are looking for if you like this type of jewelry.

Besides getting this jewelry for yourself, it also makes a great gift for anyone you know that loves bronze. You definitely won’t go wrong with bronze age jewelry.

Just remember to do a little more research about the Nebra Sky Sisc so you can understand the importance of it to this type of jewelry as a result fashion bangle,rainbow bangle,colorful bangle,Unique Ethical Design,Wholesale (144PC/Set),FREE SHIPPING. Also, you will just have fun learning more about it, with it being such an interesting subject.

Black Onyx Stud Earrings

22 Nov

Black onyx stud earrings are a favorite among jewelers. The beauty of the stone alone is breath taking, but combined with its hardness and ability to blend and contrast with other metals, they are very widely used. Onyx earrings are making a comeback nowadays, and have been making huge waves in the fashion world.

According to a census by the United States Census Bureau, by December of 2009, 6.802 billion human beings inhabit this planet. China and India hold most of the population, and the rest are spread all over the glove. All in all, that’s about 1500 different culture groups around the world. Every culture is different, but they all have something in common: they all use stud earrings. Stud earrings are the most widely used design of earrings all over the world. From indigenous people, corporate types, teenagers, babies to rock stars – everyone has stud earrings go fashion jewelry wholesalers. There was a time when stud earrings were used solely by women. The late sixties and seventies played a part in making stud earrings usable and wearable by both men and women wanna hip hop jewelry.

Polished black onyx can be fitted into any stud earring. Perfectly round or oval ones are the most popular, but they come in a lot of other cuts like teardrop, square, triangle, and pear. Usually, a black onyx stud for a girl would be 3 mm in diameter. However, this is not the only size available. Some measure 6-9 mm, and are medium sized. These Onyx earrings are usually eye catchers. However, for those who really want to make a statement, 100 mm black onyx studs are recommended. Just be careful as they tend to be heavier and can stress the holes in the ears. It’s not recommended for young children to wear big studs, as their earlobes are too small.

Traditionally, the fittings for black onyx stud earrings are in either 14 or 18 k yellow gold. However, other popular settings like white gold and sterling silver are also commonly used as an alternative. Because onyx is very versatile, and is quite hard, with its deep black colors, a lot of metals complement this stone.

Stainless steel is a cheap alternative to the precious metal varieties. It is non-corrosive, so the onyx won’t be damaged. This is a common metal for men who want a simple look with clean lines. Another alternative, titanium, is the ‘space-metal’ that enables those who have sensitive skin, as the metal is hypo-allergenic. Meanwhile, a pair of Onyx earrings set in platinum will really look elegant and interesting.

While dangling and hoop earrings are usually only used by women, men use flesh tunnel earrings. Stud earrings in general are androgynous, and can work for both men and women. While some men are a little hesitant to try studs set with other gemstones, with black onyx is simple enough to pair with anything. For women, Onyx earrings are a great alternative to bulky hoops and dangle earrings.

The Importance and Significance of Wearing Jewelry

22 Nov

You may want to know why people wear jewelry and what the importance of wearing jewelry is. People call them jewelry through the centuries for various reasons. Identification is one of the main reasons but it is a lot (more than letting some stranger know what your name is). Jewelry is an item of personal adornment, such as a necklace, ring, brooch or bracelet, which is worn by an individual. It is usually made from some form of precious metals, but may be from any other material, and may be appreciated because of symbolic, artistic or other patterns.

Through the history the jewelry, jewelry in its basic form has been around as long as man, with evidence showing that early humans have been around for approximately 6 or 7 million years, which is based on the recent discovery of a skull found in Central Africa. Early examples of jewelry were made from teeth, bones, stone and wood try Free Shipping Copper Alloy 18K Gold Plated Pearl Dangle Earring Jewelry,Drop Pearl Earring Jewellery. The jewelry was of a functional nature and was probably used to fasten clothing. It was later on that it began to be used for aesthetic purposes. So now it is one of the reasons why people wear jewelry.

Probably the things that come to mind when thinking about why people wear jewelry are linked with wealth. Jewelry has been the principal means of financial wealth display in many cultures. But even today, jewelry may be used in wedding dowries and rituals, either symbolically or actually as a form of wealth. Jewelry has also been used as a currency to trade goods. But it’s not all about money. There are many items of jewelry, such as brooches, pins and buckles originated as purely functional items.

So Jewelry gradually becomes the practice of many people to purchase it simply to match, accessorize and a particular clothing outfit then 925 Silver 2g White Fire Opal Gemstone Ring size 8 ! Wholesale + Retail 2010 Lastest Style Fashion Jewelry. Nowadays, it is almost rare to see someone dressed without jewelry of some kind. And being designed and made may add only to its value.

Metallic Copper Wedding Accents

22 Nov

Metallics are a wonderful way to add a layer of richness and depth to your wedding design. Gold and silver are perennial favorites, but do not overlook the warm glow of copper when you are choosing your wedding colors. Beautiful rich copper can be used for accents throughout your wedding, such as the centerpieces, wedding attire, and even the favors.

Copper has a mellow richness that sets it apart from the more bright metallics like silver and gold. This makes copper a great choice when you are looking for a metallic than can be used in a more low-key way. Copper combines beautifully with other colors to create an attractive color palette for your wedding. Naturally, it is stunning when paired with a deep color like chocolate brown, but copper is also gorgeous with some less expected hues like moss green, aubergine, and even pink. You can also pair copper with earthy décor elements to give them a touch of elegance. It is just enough contrast to add interest, but the copper will not clash with natural materials in the way that a shiny silver would.

A great place to introduce your copper accents is the wedding invitations. For a formal wedding, a heavy ivory card stock with rounded corners would look absolutely fabulous when finished with a metallic copper border. The engraving can be done in traditional black or in a deep chocolate color for additional warmth. For the envelope linings, choose a textured copper paper.

Copper vessels make wonderful centerpieces. There are a variety of textures and styles from which to choose. A hammered copper is one of the most unique and visually appealing options. Wide open hammered copper bowls would look amazing with floating candles and flowers for an evening wedding thus new arrival+freeshipping cooper vintage handcraft 3D vase design earring fashion earring 12pc/lot YE-1124. You could also consider copper pitchers or compotes overflowing with flowers for an afternoon wedding in brief costume jewelry. If you prefer just a touch of metallic, choose clear glass vases with a metallic copper painted rim (you could even do this yourself).

For the bridal party, there are many lovely options for copper accents. The bouquets can feature flowers that are available in burnished copper tones, such as ranunculus. You can also tie a wide metallic copper ribbon to bouquets with any type of flowers. Shiny copper wire would be a unique way to bind the groom and groomsmen’s boutonierres instead of the standard green floral tape. This would be a very cool look for an autumn boutonierre featuring terra cotta roses with a sprig of hypericum berries.

Copper is also a fantastic color for bridesmaid dresses, especially in the autumn. It is a color that imparts a beautiful warmth to the skin and flatters most complexions. Another idea is to choose a neutral brown dress for your attendants, and give it some flair by adding custom copper colored bridal jewelry. The bride might want to get in on the act too, with custom made bridal jewelry in rich tones of copper or bronze, which are readily available in Swarovski crystals and pearls.

When you are looking to enhance your wedding with a metallic, copper is a richer and less predictable alternative to silver and gold. The warm soft glow of copper can be used to spice up many different styles of weddings, from rustic to ultra-formal. Paired with your favorite color, copper can add a lot of style to your wedding day.

Wholesale Beads – Perfect For Making Jewelry

21 Nov

In the field of jewelry, India is having great fame and recognition throughout the world. Indian jewelry is known for its uniqueness in art and design. Beads contribute a big share to the Indian jewelry market. Glass beads, Kashmiri beads, wood beads, clay beads, crystal beads, horn beads and a versatile range of other beads are well known for their utilization in the Indian jewelry market. Above all Indian handmade beads are one of the most adorable and demanded beads in the world. These handmade beads are so popular across the globe because of the exclusive craftsmanship of Indian craftsmen. One of the great examples to mention at this moment is of Lac beads which are appreciated and loved not only in Asia but across all the continents. Glass beads are the most popular ones and are available in a wide range of designs, colors and shapes. The Indian beads market has grown tremendously and still flourishing.

When planning to purchase wholesale beads, you have to be careful. Obviously you should have beads that should be long lasting, durable and also do not loose their shine and shade with the time. Ideally you should inspect the beads for imperfections. Do not buy beads that are broken, chipped or scratched even if they are inexpensive. Beaded jewelry has number of styles and designs from traditional to the latest designs. Fine beaded jewelry adds grace to your personality. There is a number of search engines you can access to surf the online market and make your optimal choice Coz 2011 love fashion European and American Palace retro Earrings? nimbus is the nature-lin 10121415 Purple while cute shining nifty cat rings,fashion jewelry mixed color wholesale 12pairs,free shipping. Wholesale beads are accessible online at reasonable prices for their products. Generally Wholesale beads are sold in bulk so you confirm the exchange facilities for your favor. The Price is also a great factor to be noticed.Usually multicolor stones jewelry are cheaper than the one with a single color stone. So, be smart to make a respectful deal and make sure your jewelry looks beautiful and attractive. The internet is an ideal choice to learn, inspect and take a good idea for the bead jewelry. There are thousands of website where you can explore a variety of beads available in the market. You can look for various designs, shades, colors and class of almost all the beads that are available in the market.

You must keep a note of several points before planning to purchase beads jewelry online.

1. The jewelry must be purchased only from reputed online stores. These stores must have a secure checkout.

2. You should keep in mind both price as well as quality of the jewelry. There should be a proper balance among the two. So, you should plan your choice accordingly.

3. You should also keep in mind the delivery charges also else it can disturb your expected budget.

4. Preferably your choice should be of a store which offers a large range of selection that saves your time and gives you a great exposure to a variety of products.

5. You should buy from a supplier which maintains a big stock in his store.

6. The store should be a good customer service provider so that you can be in touch in case of any issues to be queried.

7. If you are a customer who often purchases items, you should look for a store that offers discount on volume purchase.

8. Also if your demand is of few parts only, you should look for a store where there is no or minimum order limit.

You should also taste Indian Beads jewelry. India is known for its unique magnificent and classical designs. Of course Beads jewelry is an achievement for the Indian art and culture.

Favorite Fall Wedding Favors

21 Nov

Your wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for sharing in your special day. There are plenty of wonderful favors that a couple can choose. These are some of the best ideas for favorite fall wedding favors.

Autumn is a great time of year, and there are all sorts of things that evoke the spirit of the season. When you are selecting your wedding favors, it is nice to seek out those with an autumnal flair. They will make an especially nice token for your guests to take home from your wedding.

When it comes to wedding favors, what guests particularly enjoy are edible treats however cheap jewelry. There are all sorts of tasty fall treats that you can offer or party jewelry online store. Pick one that fits the general style of your wedding as well as the time of year. For instance, if you are having a fairly casual wedding, with the bride in a simple dress and silver handmade wedding jewelry, you can go with a fun and casual fall favorite, like a big, beautiful candy apple or a caramel dipped apple. Your guests will adore the sticky, nostalgic take-away.

On the other hand, if your wedding is more formal, perhaps an evening affair with the bride in a fancy ballgown and opulent jewelry, then your handmade edible favor should be a bit more upscale. One fantastic option would be a small gold box of handcrafted truffles filled with a pumpkin spice flavored filling. Yum! You could also consider a favor like a small gift basket filled with seasonal beverages, like pumpkin spice latte coffee, apple tea, and cinnamon sticks.

Personalized wedding favors are always pleasing. For an autumn wedding, one unique idea would be to present each guest with a small bottle of a fruit wine, such as one made from Northern Spy apples. You can have custom labels printed for the bottles with your names, wedding dates, and a brief message to your guests. To make the gift even more special, tie a decorative wine stopper to the neck of each bottle.

Of course, one of the most distinctive things about fall is the characteristic autumn leaves. A simple but charming fall wedding favor would be a pair of leaf shaped cookie cutters tied together with a piece of plaid ribbon or raffia placed at each guest’s seat. Use the copper cookie cutters, which are much prettier than the plastic or tin ones. Attach a small tag to each set of cookie cutters with a thank you message on the front, and your favorite cookie recipe on the reverse. This is a favor that can be assembled inexpensively, but it is something that your guests will actually find useful and enjoyable.

Candles are always a safe bet for wedding favors. You can very easily tie them into a fall theme for your table gifts. Simple votives would be lovely in special etched glass candle holders in a variety of rich autumn colors. Another idea is to find candles with some of the favorite scents of fall, such as cinnamon spice, apple pie, pumpkin spice, or vanilla latte. A large group of scented candles can create a fairly strong aroma, so you might want to set this favor up on a special table away from where your guests will be eating.

These are just a few of the top ideas for fall wedding favors. Feel free to design your own special favors that explore the scents, flavors, or colors of the season. Your guests will be sure to enjoy your carefully selected favors.